The Mineral Kingdom

Gorgeous quartz, amethyst and celestite specimens. Fossils dating back many millions of years. Septarian Dragon Eggs. All of them make magical, radiant home accents. We like featuring grand statement pieces, but you’ll always find enough really nice smaller examples to make Royal Circus a great gift resource. Each has been personally hand-selected by a member of the Royal Circus team.

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Q&A with Marcelle Guilbeau

Q&A with Marcelle Guilbeau

We sat down recently with one of our very favorite designers, the always brilliant Marcelle Guilbeau. Topic du jour? Maximalism. Sure, it's officially a trend, but a lot of the elements that define maximalism have been near and dear to our hearts pretty much forever. Read the full Q&A right HERE. Lots of pics too!
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Nashville Ledger: Yes, Another Cover Story

Nashville Ledger: Yes, Another Cover Story

What a nice way to kick off the new year: two covers in two weeks. We're so grateful to be right in the middle of the Wedgewood-Houston neighborhood's explosive growth. Our little corner of Nashville is getting better by the day. Read all about it right HERE.
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nfocus_royal circus

Royal Circus + Nfocus Magazine = True Love

Celebrity photographer Cameron Powell chose Royal Circus as the backdrop for a recent bridal fashion shoot. What a thrill to have our front doors featured on the cover of one of Nashville's oldest and most prestigious magazines. See it all HERE.
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